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We are often told the biggest cause of frustration about IT is related to the actual experience of end-users. Unfortunately, many seem to now accept that the Desktop experience will sometimes be unreliable and frustrating.

At Whitehall Systems, we have a different attitude. We believe that such an inconsistent experience is not inevitable, and is actually unacceptable. The cost to your business, whilst not always quantifiable, is certainly significant. Not only is the morale of your staff impacted but disturbingly your staff are distracted from what they are supposed to be doing, and lose time from having to reboot their systems and wait for support to arrive.

We can help by ensuring that the systems are properly configured in the first place, and then provide pro-active housekeeping services to help them stay that way. If things should go wrong, you are just a call away from expert assistance and our prime location means that we can be with you within an hour if required. Some of the services we can provide include:

  • Expert telephone & email assistance via our Helpline

  • Onsite assistance within an hour

  • Proactive support by performing housekeeping tasks remotely

  • Regular, scheduled attendance to allow your staff access to our experts

Click here to contact us or call 020 7976 1111

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