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The Way We Work

Once you start a new project, you want to make sure it’s implemented and tested on time and on budget, meeting your quality criteria.

You can depend on our Project Services:

  • We set out costs, timelines and quality criteria in our proposal, and we stick to our word

  • We use best industry practices to produce low level network and infrastructure designs

  • Our engineers have the required skills, so you save on recruitment and retention costs

  • We complete full acceptance testing after the project is completed

  • We can maintain and support your completed project


We deliver a range of resourcing and consultancy solutions for client projects where they may lack the internal bandwidth or expertise in-house. Each solution is bespoke to the client requirements; tailored to specific deliverables; and consists of teams of both client and Whitehall Systems professional resources.

For many of our clients our project solutions are used strategically to deal with particular resourcing pain-points, such as large volume ramp-ups, to overcome known hold-ups in the recruiting process, or to provide ongoing management of the project team. The service offers hiring managers the opportunity to work more closely with a resourcing team that is designed to deliver exactly against the project’s resourcing needs.

Below are some of the basic elements of our project solutions:


Delivery of project resources

Quality management and quality guarantees

Risk management

- Managed Services

- Online Backup

- Troubleshooting

- Remote Support


- Desktops

- Laptops

- Routers and switches

- SAN Storage

- Data Cabling

- Servers


- Network Infrastructure

- Virtualization

- Office Move



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Project Testimonial

“Whitehall Systems supported my oil exploration and production company in developing an integrated IT solution for remote working and virtual officing of highly technical applications and regulatory-compliant financial systems.
Excellent solutions at a good price. The company consulted with the organization, designed, implemented, commissioned and maintained the systems to excellent standards for 2 years, then, when we acquired another company and increased our size ten-fold, his company did it all over again.”

EoN Exploration & Production

Top qualities:Great Results, Personable, Expert


“Whitehall Systems were consulted to help us set up IT during the start-up of our company. They maintained the systems for us from 2001 until 2007 when we were integrated into a new system controlled by our mother company.
During the period they were hired they continually provided expertise for our growing business and reacted to our dynamic needs very well.”

Regus Business Center

Top qualities:Great Results, Personable, High Integrity

“Whitehall Systems consulted for me in 1988 when I founded Regus, they installed the IT systems and provided an excellent backup service for a number of Regus Business Centres both in the UK and Europe. With their valuable work, there is no doubt this contributed in some considerable part, to the successful development of Regus as it is today.
From good foundations grow successful companies, we all need IT! Since that time I have been involved in a number of projects with Whitehall”

Regus Business Center

Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert


“Forming this strategic partnership with Whitehall Systems has been integral in improving our existing IT infrastructure and will continue to add benefit to the evolving IT work-stream in the months ahead.

Ultimately the upgrading of our IT systems across all 3 sites will reflect major improvements to our ways of working and our continuing service to all the dogs and cats that find themselves in our care.”

Battersea Dogs & Cats Home

Simon Jennings – Director of IT

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