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As a boutique provider of IT services, we are always at hand to help you with your IT needs. Whether you need help with procurement (what to buy, where to buy it from) installation & configuration, support & management, or networking perhaps, we are here to ensure IT really does add value to your business.


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It is important for any size company to take control of their security management and provide sufficient protection against data storage, file corruption or loss.

At Whitehall Systems, we realise that different businesses face different risks. For example, smaller organisations are more likely to be the victim of a casual attacker. This could be someone hijacking your internet connection to share illegal material, or it could be a staff member inadvertently accessing inappropriate content resulting in a computer virus infecting all your IT systems.

We have much experience in designing, implementing and supporting a wide range of Security and Data Protection solutions, including the following:


Intrusion Prevention Systems

Anti-virus and Anti-spam Solutions

Data Backup and Recovery Systems

Data Encryption (especially on mobile devices)

Message Hygiene Solutions

Solutions to meet independent standards such as FSA, PCI Compliance, > Sarbanes Oxley, and so on.

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