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Warning Issued For Millions Of Microsoft Windows 10, Windows 11 Users


15 November 2021

Windows users need to be on high alert. Microsoft has confirmed a critical vulnerability has been found in all versions of Windows which presents an immediate threat, and you need to act now. 

Tracked as CVE-2021-34484, the “zero-day” flaw enables hackers to breach all versions of Windows (including Windows 10, Windows 11, and Windows Server 2022) and take control of your computer. And the worst part is the flaw has been known about for some time. 

The reason for this is Microsoft mistakenly thought it had patched the vulnerability (which was first found in August) when it was publicly disclosed in October. But the fix itself was found to be flawed, something the company admitted, and this drew even more attention to the vulnerability. Microsoft subsequently promised to “take appropriate action to keep customers protected” but two weeks later, a new fix has still not arrived. 

But this is where all Windows users can take control. Third-party security specialist 0patch has beaten Microsoft to the punch with a ‘micropatch’ that it has now made available for all Windows users (download link). “Micropatches for this vulnerability will be free until Microsoft has issued an official fix," 0patch confirmed. You can see a video of the micropatch being installed below: 


OPatch video:

You will need to register for a 0patch account and install its download agent before the fix can be applied, but with 0patch fast becoming a go-to destination for hotfixes which beat software companies to the punch this is a no brainer. Hopes will be high that Microsoft can release an effective patch sooner rather than later but, until then, all Windows users must act now if they want to be safe. 

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